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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Project Management Audit

Systems, Processes & Procedures

We specialize in Auditing and health check of existing PM systems and advise on corrective actions including onsite and desktop-auditing. We believe by following prudent audit methods and procedures many managers, clients, owners, and investors will find the project management audit a useful tool that can pay big dividends.


Our project management audits are designed to ascertain the true status of work performed on a project and its conformance with the project statement of work, including schedule and budget constraints. It is an independent, structured assessment conducted by a competent auditor. By inference or extrapolation, it provides insight into the work needed to meet project objectives and the adequacy of the schedule and budget to do so. In addition, it can distinguish errors that can cause project failure and thus can trigger timely corrective action.


We focus on why, when, who, what, and how of project management audits. Project management audits are compared with normal supervision of project management, with reviews conducted for the customer (whether internal or external), and with financial audits. Guidelines are presented for choosing a qualified auditor, and a structured format is offered for preparing, performing, and reporting an audit.

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